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We all understand that it is necessary to read. But to carve out of this process often fails. To read daily just when you live alone, and except yourself, you don't care about anyone. But if you have a family, children. It is necessary to pay a considerable amount of time with their family. But these people periodically appears and desire, and the opportunity to read a good book. But here, it is important not to be mistaken with a choice to watch these rare unity with the book to good use and, of course, with pleasure. We offer several options for works which will not leave you indifferent. - "Trip to India" – E. M. Forster – book talks about the relationship between the Indian Aziz and the English Fielding. - "All the king's men" – Robert Penn Warren – the motto of the protagonist: "can only do Good out of evil, because there simply is nothing to do." - "Brave new world" – Aldous Huxley anti-utopian satirical novel, which is set in London of the distant future. - "As I lay dying" – William Faulkner – the author's speech in the book not at all, the book is broken into a chain of monologues, sometimes long, sometimes short, and even fit in a phrase or two, and hold these fourteen characters, mainly Bandini, and next to them the neighbors, the same farmers poor.

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